Thorough Verifications

Our Verification Of Benefits (VOB) team prides themselves on thorough verifications. MBC has an extremely detailed VOB form, to ensure that the facility has a full and complete understanding of what they can expect for reimbursement and how to best help their clients. All VOB’s are completed via live rep, not by utilizing online resources that may not be as accurate. The key to successful revenue management is by understanding as much as you can on the front end so that you have reasonable expectations on the back end. The more information we can retrieve from the beginning the less denials that will need to be addressed during collections.

Detailed AR Reports

We send a fully detailed AR report every 30 days that shows the complete status of each unpaid claim that is outstanding over 30 days. This keeps the client always up to date and aware of where our collections team is at with getting the claim processed.

Training and Support

We provide clinical documentation training and support continuously. Our licensed UR team will periodically audit charts and review all clinical documentation forms with your clinical staff. Working with Medical Mime our UR team and the medical mime CSR’s work together to improve your clinical forms so that you are more likely to get the most authorized days possible so that you can provide your clients with the best treatment possible.

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